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Bee In Eden Show 19 – Energy Gates and Geomancy

This is a repost of an article that I published at entitled “Sluice Gates of Energy and Earth Magic” [linked here.] Please click that link to follow along with the material. The blog is largely taken from this Youtube … Continue reading

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The Vatican Global Chess Board Part I

“And the woman whom you saw means the great city that has a kingdom over the kings of the earth.” — Revelation 17:18 Like a river, Time flows swiftly, and not always in the same direction. In a river, sometimes … Continue reading

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Dangerous Rift Brewing in Tehran

Today’s blog is hastily assembled to call attention to the next “Judgment Day” that is being promoted and set for June 5, 2011. However, this announcement is not coming out of the mouth of a relatively harmless Christian fundamentalist group … Continue reading

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Arizona’s Silver Bullet Solution to Fiscal Insolvency

It suddenly occurred to me this morning what a travesty it is that the state of Arizona is on the brink of bankruptcy and is also one of the highest foreclosure states in the nation, while at the same time … Continue reading

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Water Into Wine – Part II

In the first century A.D., the Temple in Jerusalem had become a combination of central bank of the nation, and a type of “New York Stock Exchange.” The High Priest was “Head of The Fed,” with revenue being derived from any and all business that was conducted at the Temple. In this issue of our series, “Water Into Wine,” we explore the reasons why the Temple-Bankster class found it necessary to eliminate the one man who represented a critical threat to their Money Game. While perusing our story, please meditate on this question: “Will that same one man complete his mission today and put the Bankster class out of business?” Continue reading

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The Nazis Want Their Gold Back

The connection that few people make is that the control of Free Energy Physics and the Debt Slavery Financial system are both managed by the same people. Hitler’s Nazi party came very close to breaking out of that paradigm. Indeed, when the writing was on the wall of the Germans’ imminent loss of World War II, a plan went into effect by high-ranking members of the Nazi SS to preserve the Nazi treasury until a future time – when they would be calling in the marker. Well, that time is now. Continue reading

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Water Into Wine – Part I

This series of articles, “Water into Wine,” will explore reasons for believing that an elite group of powerful men of the Temple Class did in fact view the man, Jesus Christ, as a menace to their power base in the first century. Evidence shall be presented to show that the Jewish High Priest and Sanhedrin of Jesus’ time held a dual role as both the religious leaders and the financial masters of that time period. Continue reading

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