My name is Debra Caruthers and I suffer a passion for western world history, the older the better. I boast no formal education beyond high school and some vocational classes related to vineyard cultivation. I grew up in Southern California but now reside just outside of Sedona, Arizona in the beautiful Verde Valley region of that state.

My professional life began as an employee of Bank of America, moving up from bank teller, to ATM specialist, and then finally to New Accounts Manager for the main branch in Santa Barbara, CA. The decade of the 90’s saw retail banking emerge from the ruins of the savings & loan fallout to evolve through a series of mighty corporate mergers. As a result of one of these mergers, I was offered a severance package and then took a dramatic shift in job choice by entering the field of internet publishing. Upon joining a start-up team in Carlsbad, California, I assisted a team of talented nouveau-Internet professionals into building a thriving web site publishing business focused on college sports news.

During this period, the economic collapse of 2008 sparked much misery in my family’s life. Somewhat haunted by her professional memories of the banking business, I began asking, “How did we pass through yet another economic disaster? Why do the banks keep falling into patterns of fraud and collapse?” Gradually I made time to pursue historical research and post this blog devoted to seeking answers to those questions.

While living, working, and researching in Sedona, I have maintained a hobby interest in the nascent local industry of vineyard cultivation and wine production. That angle of my life has proven to be a pursuit full of meaning and healing because it fulfilled that inner longing humans often sense to get re-connected with their natural inheritance: planet Earth and our memories of the original paradise in Eden.

In February 2016, the lead editor of the web site RogueMoney.net invited me to contribute articles to that site, largely as a result of the Murasu story posted here. RogueMoney, led by V. the Guerrilla Economist, is a financial news site that provides an antidote to mainstream obfuscations. My contributions there are labeled under my Twitter handle of “Bankster Slayer.” While the interest in vineyard cultivation may seem a bit of a deviation from the financial core of these interests, my blogs such as the one entitled “Free Flowing Prosperity” demonstrate how the two areas of interest actually do intersect. That blog is found here.

I also maintain a billboard web page with footer links to her other articles at RogueMoney.net as well as how to find me on Twitter and Facebook at this domain: www.SlayTheBankster.com … scroll down to the end of the page.


2 Responses to About

  1. sj smith says:

    just found out about you through the Farrell website/blog.
    glad to learn of another kindred spirit.
    i think there are more of than we realize at times.
    thanks for sharing.

  2. sedonadeb says:

    Hi Schnookie: I have always wanted to say hello to somebody named “schnookie”!

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