Bee In Eden Show 21 – Gnostic Politics

Here is another set of three articles that I posted earlier this year at We are delving into the 20th century history of just how the Internet came to be. Is it possible that gnostic belief systems are the prime force that is pushing #AI transcendence? (Click the text links here in the paragraphs below, not the ones in the Twitter boxes; a website redesign invalidated the Twitter boxes.)

Gnostic Politics – Part I. “I can’t figure this guy out!” Some people say that about President Trump, and others say that about Pope Francis. Are events being driven by a Jesuit Order whose agenda is powered by ancient Gnosticism?

Gnostic Politics – Part II. In the summer of 1995, Laurance Rockefeller was pressuring then White House occupants Bill and Hillary Clinton to reveal the truth about the Roswell UFO incident and the E.T. presence. Or was Rockefeller really more interested in other esoteric research and technology?

Gnostic Politics – Part III. Did Robot Sophia just reveal the plan to have her emulate the ancient Goddess Sophia? At the dawn of the 20th century, a Jesuit priest named Pierre Teilhard de Chardin became famous for introducing the concept of universal consciousness, the “Noosphere.” He was also very much aligned with Rockefeller science interests.


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In case you're wondering, yes, there is a reason for what's going on. I am the host of the Bee in Eden radio show and one of the team writers at We discuss the inextricable links between modern credit and money with ancient religious systems.
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