Bee In Eden Show 19 – Energy Gates and Geomancy

This is a repost of an article that I published at entitled “Sluice Gates of Energy and Earth Magic” [linked here.] Please click that link to follow along with the material.

The blog is largely taken from this Youtube interview given by Dr. Joseph P. Farrell when his book “The Grid of the Gods” was published.

Can AI Do Magick?

In the second half of the show, reference is made to another blog I have posted at [linked here]. This was a three-part series entitled “Stones Are Crying Out.” In part 3 of that series, evidence was presented to show that there are some very educated, literate people who are unabashedly engaged in the practice of training Artificial Intelligence to perform black magic and Kabbalah rituals.

Here are the links to each one of those three blogs.

  1. Stones Are Crying Out – Part I. On the statements made by developers of Artificial Intelligence that show that they have the ancient Kabbalah ritual of producing a “golem” in mind when developing machine consciousness. A desire to reconnect with ancient sacred mysteries has led to the wholesale defamation of God’s name, the Tetragrammaton, and an attempt to transfer the exclusive use of that name to mystical priesthoods.
  2. Stones Are Crying Out – Part II. On the complicity of modern Bible publishers to keep the knowledge of the Tetragrammaton away from the general public by that same ancient priesthood who has taken it upon themselves to decide “who gets to know God and who doesn’t.” By extension, this also implies “who gets to use the power of the heavens and who doesn’t.”
  3.  Stones Are Crying Out – Part III. On the shocking statements made be educated “technomancers” who see Artificial Intelligence as a useful tool to practice occult magical workings. Included is this paraphrased statement made by AI software guru, Quinn Michaels: “There is a network of people who are subverting the benefits of AI, Singularity, Blockchain, and Bitcoin and are using those tools to pursue an agenda that is placing our very planet at risk.”



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In case you're wondering, yes, there is a reason for what's going on. I am the host of the Bee in Eden radio show and one of the team writers at We discuss the inextricable links between modern credit and money with ancient religious systems.
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