Bee In Eden Show 16 – Baron Trump’s Tropical Ice World

“I stood in the tropics of the under world, so to speak ….” “Baron Trump’s Marvellous Underground Journey,” by Ingersoll Lockwood, published in 1893

This is the companion blog to the Bee In Eden show that was recorded in September 2017. Here are links to the free PDF copy of this 1893 fictional book, a link to a YouTube channel where you can listen to the first few chapters of that book, and a link to my original blog at That blog was the source transcript for the radio show and contains a few more details than what was broadcast on the radio show.


Cover art of this book published 1893. Book is generally available at Downloadable PDF here at

Sample illustration found within the book depicting the main character, a boy named Baron Trump, and his faithful dog, Bulger.


The resemblance of this fictional illustration with current U.S. First Son, Barron Trump, and its not-so-hidden references to a tropical Antarctica ice world powered by free energy is a bit uncanny.


In July 2017, the Internet audience exploded with “time traveler” conspiracy theories about today’s First Son, Barron Trump, and the 1893 fictional character, Baron Trump. (Image: YouTube)

Here is an audio reading of the book via Youtube.


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In case you're wondering, yes, there is a reason for what's going on. I am the host of the Bee in Eden radio show and one of the team writers at We discuss the inextricable links between modern credit and money with ancient religious systems.
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