Bee In Eden Show 15 – Ice Cubes and Neutrinos

“IceCube is one of the craziest projects in physics, probably in all of science that I know.” — Elisa Resconi, Technische Universitat Munchen

(Here is the YouTube slideshow that accompanies this episode.)

We have now come full circle with this Antarctica series and are much better informed about the factors that have driven exploration of her mysteries. We have seen how the fervent beliefs related to mankind’s advanced pre-historic civilizations and the quest for ultimate free energy have been promulgated by various societies and organizations who drive modern discoveries down in the land of our most southern neighbor.


Amundsen-Scott Station at the South Pole

In the previous blog, we ended with a teaser about the well-circulated account of a naval engineer who used a protected name of “Brian” and who gave a personal account to Alt-Media researcher Linda Moulton Howe about the high strangeness that he encountered in 1997 as a member of the Antarctic Development Squadron Six, or VXE-6 as they are better known. The story is easily googled and can be found with text or Youtube audio [linked here]. Unfortunately, that story has led many curious onlookers down the murky path of UFOlogy and a supposed extra-terrestrial presence at the South Pole. The speculations in that narrative have yet to be proven. However, there were hints and clues in that account that we should be following. These are in regards to the science that is being carried out at the South Pole by foundations that are still intent on getting a grasp on “Vril,” the “all-permeating fluid” of ancient legend whose control can be steered by a properly trained will.


South Pole southern lights

“Brian’s” team will be fondly remembered by the nickname “The Puckered Penguins” according to their Wikipedia page [linked here.] What he did not tell us in his recorded story was that the year 1997 saw a dramatic change in the status of that U.S. Navy squadron, a fact that no doubt contributed to his imminent return to civilian work. In 1997, the U.S. Navy began handing oversight of its role in Antarctica to the National Science Foundation. In fact, the job of ferrying cargo and scientists across the southern continent was soon to be taken over by none other than the New York Air National Guard. Between 1997 and 1999, these naval air crews were gradually phased out in favor of the services to be rendered by the New York State air militia group.


Antarctic Devron-Six (VXE-6) team patch


Now think about the implications of this management change. The U.S. Navy had been proudly guarding America’s interests in Antarctica ever since Admiral Byrd got chased out in 1947. Fifty years later, the NSF began taking over management of those interests in all areas of activity on the continent. This foundation is, technically, a government agency whose director is appointed by the President. However, when you read its mission history, pasted below and linked here, you can see how easy it would for wealthy corporate donors with certain “special interests” to operate covertly within the NSF behind the public facade of “government agency.”

By 1950, support for major areas of research had already become dominated by specialized agencies such as the National Institutes of Health (medical research) and the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission (nuclear and particle physics). That pattern would continue after 1957 when U.S. anxiety over the launch of Sputnik led to the creation of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (space science) and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (defense-related research).

The NSF’s scope has expanded over the years to include many areas that were not in its initial portfolio, including the social and behavioral sciences, engineering, and science and mathematics education. The NSF is the only U.S. federal agency with a mandate to support all non-medical fields of research.


And if that type of operation sounds eerily familiar, you win bonus points if the Rockefeller Foundation (whose patron’s connection is already established in this blog series) comes to mind. Per Wikipedia:

The early institutions it set up have served as models for current organizations: the UN’s World Health Organization, set up in 1948, is modeled on the International Health Division; the U.S. Government’s National Science Foundation (1950) on its approach in support of research, scholarships and institutional development; and the National Institute of Health (1950) imitated its longstanding medical programs.

In the interview that “Brian” gave to Linda Moulton Howe, he rolled out a couple of examples of suppressed activity in Antarctica that he personally witnessed. One example was in regards to the No-Fly Zone over the South Pole. A situation had arisen where the team felt they were justified in violating the stated flight restrictions because a medical emergency had come up on the far eastern side of the continent. Time was of the essence and the crew made the decision to fly over the restricted zone to reduce the time it would take to reach their emergency pick-up.


Photo of VXE-6 flight team provided by “Brian.”

“Brian” says that he saw a giant hole near the South Pole station whose diameter was upwards of 300 feet across. The hole appeared to be an entrance to some kind of secret base, some kind of top-secret portal in the ice. The aperture was easily wide enough to allow an LC-130 Hercules to fly through the opening. That’s where the speculation took off about a possible E.T. base or some kind of top-secret installation being located down that tunnel. Officially, the No-Fly zone was in place because of an “air sampling station” being located at those coordinates. When “Brian” saw the gigantic hole, he became suspicious of the “air sampling station” premise and the speculation became more exacerbated from that point onwards.

I have no reason to doubt that Brian and the VXE-6 team did in fact fly through the restricted zone and did see a huge hole in the ice. However, what I find just a bit incredible is that “Brian” refrained from talking about the research that was being conducted at the South Pole, research for which the VXE-6 team provided air transportation on a regular basis, as can clearly be discerned in the official newspaper from McMurdo Station, the “Antarctic Sun,” dated January 26, 1997 [PDF file linked here]. The management of the South Pole base does include a “Clean Air Sector” air-sampling station, to be sure, and much, much more.

AMANDA Goes Hunting for Neutrinos

AMANDA is an acronym for “Antarctic Muon And Neutrino Detector Array” and came to be the precursor for a project that is in operation today and relates to the title of this blog, the IceCube neutrino detector at the South Pole. In a nutshell, the project places hundreds of ball-shaped neutrino detectors down long strings that dangle thousands of feet under the Antarctic ice sheet. These “ice tubes” are arranged in an array formation at the surface. Hence the idea of a tray of “ice cubes.” Years ago somebody figured out that ice happens to be a perfect medium through which one can observe those sub-atomic particles that enter the earth from the northern hemisphere, travel through the earth, and exit the earth through ice and oceans in the southern hemisphere. In spite of the harsh climate conditions at the South Pole, it actually does make more sense to maintain a neutrino observation laboratory on terra firma, albeit ice-covered terra firma, than it would be to maintain a floating lab on the ocean.

In the year that “Brian” flew over the restricted area, he would have been familiar with the Amundsen-Scott South Pole station that was dominated at the time by this dome where the scientists lived and maintained their indoor work environment, surrounded by other support structures.


South Pole scientists used to do their work in dome-shaped structures before today’s current stilted structures were seen as more durable against the heavy snow drifts.

In the official station map displayed below, those buildings are located in the middle of the yellow area. About a half-mile away towards the upper left of the map, you will see buildings designated with the letters H, I, and J. We know that “J” was in existence in 1997. This is the Martin A. Pomerantz Observatory which houses the equipment that receives the data from the AMANDA array sensors. Those sensors began operating in 1996. You will want to click on this map found at which will open to a second page so that you can refer to it in the following segment.


Click the map to open a larger view.

The array of AMANDA sensors is described at its Wikipedia page as consisting “of optical modules, each containing one photomultiplier tube, sunk in Antarctic ice cap at a depth of about 1500 to 1900 metres. In her latest development stage, known as AMANDA-II, AMANDA is made up of an array of 677 optical modules mounted on 19 separate strings that are spread out in a rough circle with a diameter of 200 metres. Each string has several dozen modules, and was put in place by ‘drilling’ a hole in the ice using a hot-water hose, sinking the cable with attached optical modules in, and then letting the ice freeze around it.”

Here are some photos of these sensors and how they are placed in long tunnels under the ice. Keeping that map shown above in mind, imagine an array of these long ice tunnels, arranged in circular fashion, across a diameter of 200 meters. This is designated on the map in a roughly circular pattern of red dots.


Scientists insert one of the sensors into a deep shaft into the ice. Arrays of dozens of sensors form something like an “ice cube” tray.


Dozens of these sensors are being used to hunt neutrinos in the AMANDA and IceCube projects.

Notice, also, that the map identifies the various restricted sectors of this South Pole Amundsen-Scott Station. The neutrino analysis is being carried out in what is officially designated as the “Dark Sector.” Naturally they want to keep any electromagnetic and light interference at a minimum in this area. Over on the right side of the map, you see the designated “Clean Air Sector,” which is likely what “Brian” referenced as the No-Fly Zone. In fact, the flight restrictions are stated right there on the map and exceptions are made “for essential purposes”. Down in the lower right corner of the map, you can see the “Quiet Sector.” Per the official website where this map and its descriptions are found [linked here], “activities and equipment emitting noise or vibration are limited to enable seismologic research and other vibration-sensitive pursuits” there in the Quiet Sector.

Hopefully, with this information you can see that there isn’t any obvious UFO E.T. cover-up oozing out of the South Pole station. Of course, that doesn’t mean that some kind of secret installation couldn’t be staffed somewhere nearby and whose whereabouts is deliberately suppressed. We still don’t know exactly where is the 300-foot hole that “Brian” flew over in this restricted zone. However, we can certainly imagine a few possibilities other than some supposed UFO portal. Since “Brian” did not provide us with any GPS details about where this “hole” was situated in relation to the other well-documented facilities on this map, it is impossible for us to know if he saw the “hole” in the vicinity of this Dark Sector region or in some place beyond the boundaries of this map.

I would like to mention that this map shows features today at the South Pole that were not yet built at the time of the 1997 fly-over but perhaps were in the planning and excavation stages. For example, the wide area dotted with “blue ice cubes” immediately below the AMANDA array was not yet established in 1997. This is the modern IceCube neutrino detection project about which a highly informative set of videos is posted here in this blog further down the page.

The upper right corner of the map designated as the Clean Air Sector is used today by the Atmospheric Research Observatory (ARO) as listed on the map. This site was just getting built in late 1996 and began operating sometime in 1997 to supersede a previous research venue known as the Clean Air Facility (CAF). All of this is documented on its web page that is managed by NOAA [linked here].


The Atmospheric Research Observatory is located in a designated “Clean Air” sector, no fly-overs allowed.

Naturally there is no mention of any “300-foot wide hole” near this facility. But then again, we don’t have any photos or GPS coordinates of this “hole” to assist us. What if the “hole” was simply some kind of equipment foundation that was being excavated at the time of “Brian’s” fly-over? Or perhaps there is some other use for the “hole” related to weather monitoring activities? People do go down and visit the station from time to time. Perhaps somebody should just go down there and ask or poke around before leaping to any E.T. conclusions? Surely an extensive amount of material would have to be placed out here in the ice sheet to support the future arrival of electronic sensor modules and observatory equipment.


Overhead view of all the facilities governed by Map 4 (above). “Brian’s” hole could be located beyond the lower right edges of this photo.

When you look again at the official station Map 4, the left side is dominated by the array of blue-dotted “ice cubes” which represents the extremely sexy IceCube Array of Neutrino Detectors. This is the real meat-and-potatoes of what is going on at the South Pole.

“IceCube is one of the craziest projects in physics.”

I thank you, the reader, for staying engaged up to this point in this blog. You are about to be rewarded for following this Antarctic rabbit-hole series. Here comes the dessert.

The IceCube laboratory and computer network building at the South Pole.

The University of Wisconsin-Madison has oversight of the IceCube project and you can visit its website here. There is quite an extensive gallery and videos at that web page as well.

Here are two videos where the scientists who are connected with this mission can tell you in their own words what this neutrino observatory is all about. The videos are very short and well worth your time. Below the first clip, I have transcribed some of their statements that stood out to me. Again, I award you even more bonus points if suddenly the connection between Antarctica’s IceCube and the Large Hadron Collider at CERN has now popped into your mind.

“IceCube is one of the craziest projects in physics, probably in all of science that I know.” 
— Elisa Resconi, Technische Universitat Munchen

“We do everything from searching for the highest energy sources out in the universe, and then we can go down to very low energies. We can look for the physics of neutrinos themselves, we can search for Dark Matter.”
–Tyce DeYoung, Michigan State University

“We opened a window but we opened it only for a small slit. And we want to fully open it. We want to chart the landscape.”
— Christian Spiering, Deutsches Elektronen-Synchotron (DESY)

“To see properties of the universe which no one has ever studied before.”
— Olga Botner, IceCube spokesperson, Uppsala University

“Without understanding neutrinos, we’ll never understand the universe.”
— Francis Halzen, IceCube principal investigator, University of Wisconsin-Madison

“It’s a way to open windows to a new physics.”

Antarctica in the 21st Century Age of Terror

With the posting of this blog, my Antarctica series now comes to an end. However, there are, no doubt, many other discoveries and surprises yet to come. So, who knows, perhaps a sequel will get launched as disclosures come to light. In fact, archaeological expeditions in Antarctica have already revealed the presence of plant-eating dinosaur fossils. After that, we’re just a hop, skip, and a jump away from finding ancient evidence of human settlements.


Artist’s conception of “Glacialsaurus”

Clif High once disclosed that he is in possession of photographs that were mailed to him sometime between 2001 and 2003 that clearly show the existence of a pyramid several hundred feet tall accessed by a massive door positioned one-third of the way up. Clif is under obligation to keep the photo confidential until the death of the hiker who captured the images. As Clif recounted in this Youtube interview, for all we know, disclosure of a pre-historical civilization might be made long before that event.

Earlier this  year, author Walter Bosley revealed some tidbits of information that is personally known to him with reference to a “deep hole” in which was found “ancient machinery” no later than 1960 — that is 57 years ago!

We also know that as recently as May 16, 2017, the United Kingdom Foreign Office hinted that it was not unrealistic to imagine that Antarctica could be the focus of a terrorist attack. We also know that Leidos is a major contractor used by the NSF to manage the American presence in Antarctica. Leidos splintered off from SAIC which is another road whose journey travails a dark jungle of Deep State interests. A good report about that is made in the 9-minute video linked below.

Therefore, what is blatantly clear from the evidence that the public is privy to is that there are elite networks that are working on discoveries that run parallel to the fictional tale that Edward Bulwer-Lytton penned almost two hundred years ago when the idea of “Vril” was first coined. He may yet see his fictional work be converted into actual real, living, truth. Regardless of what fantastic tales may be spread about this-or-that revelation in Antarctica, we can be reasonably certain that these elite scientists and financiers will ascertain those truths long before informing the rest of us.


Lord Edward Bulwer-Lytton may yet see his dream of Vril become reality.

Addendum January 20, 2018

As fate would have it, proof of ancient human habitation in Antarctica appears to have been found and that evidence is Sumerian in origin. Also, the “Creepy Little Book” Youtube channel has posted new information that tends to corroborate Bosley’s mention of an “ancient machine” having been discovered underground in Antarctica. This could well be the reason why John Kerry was down at the South Pole on the date of the 2016 presidential election. See my blog about all of this at [linked here].

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8 Responses to Bee In Eden Show 15 – Ice Cubes and Neutrinos

  1. Tim E. says:

    It is interesting that you mentioned The university of Madison – they are also involved in Fusion Research – link:

    There is no doubt that one of the most difficult problems that a peaceful world will face in the 21st century will be to secure an adequate, safe, clean, and economical source of energy. Existence of lunar helium-3, to be used as fuel for fusion reactors, is well documented; verified from numerous Apollo and Luna mission samples, current analyses indicate that there are at least 1 million tonnes embedded in the lunar surface. The helium-3 would be used as fuel for fusion reactors.

    Is there a mining operation on the Moon? Perhaps.

    • sedonadeb says:

      Thanks for the comment, Tim. Yes, those folks at the Univ of Madison Wisconsin are up to a whole lot of things. And I wholeheartedly agree that establishing a safe, clean, and I would add, FREE, source of energy is THE #1 accomplishment to shoot for. And it always HAS been the #1 goal to shoot for, since the birth of mankind. The average person might not think about that much, either 6,000 years ago or today, but there has always been a group of forward-thinkers who have been working on that prospect.

  2. Tim E. says:

    6,000 years – interesting.

    Do you believe that the Earth is only 6,000 years old?

    The Golden Age came to an end – at almost twice that. The technology you want – existed – over 12,500 years ago.

    Have you ever seen some of Graham Hancock’s work?

    Do you know about the precession of the Zodiac – we are now in Pisces headed towards Aquarius.

    I have been genetically tested – and I am – to a small percent Neanderthal – not 100% Cro-Magnon. SO my time line of memories goes well beyond 6,000 years.

  3. banksterslayer says:

    No I certainly do not believe that the Earth is 6000 years old. I am talking about the Babylonian Bankster system of debt. It is the anti-human DEBT SYSTEM that is about 6000 years old.

    • Tim E. says:

      The number 6,000 just threw me – and I agree with your statement. The clarification is appreciated.

      During the Eclipse – I made a pilgrimage to the Georgia Guidestones – I am not opposed to a benevolent Technocracy –

      Which I believe would benefit both Humans and The Planet.

      I would like to see a future based upon Michael Tellinger’s UBUNTU Movement – that of

      “Money is the very means by which we are kept in slavery. Only when we come to terms with what money is, how and why it was created, will we be able to free ourselves from the money slavery system. But to do this, we have to do what seems impossible until now. We have to use money and capitalism to consume itself. This is possibly the most beautiful poetic justice ever bestowed on humanity – and also one of the most liberating thoughts I have ever embraced.” – Michael Tellinger

      Debt Slavery is EVIL – no doubt. The Banksters are plundering the Earth – and Humans for their exclusive benefit while they live extravagant lifestyles. But Humans must also sensibly control their wants/desires/breeding and resource exploitation – on such a beautiful finite Planet. The majority still refuse to do so.

  4. Tim E. says:

    One final thought – you allude to:

    “And it always HAS been the #1 goal to shoot for, since the birth of mankind”.

    Purely semantics – but I would argue that “Birth” needs to be replaced by the term created – that Humans – in many forms – are a genetically manipulated creation – which implies Creators.

    Primates have 48 chromosomes – Humans 46. #2 & 3 were fused – I suspect in many genetic labs across the Earth – to fit the needs of the Creators – and they were rather sloppy about it – hence a large number of genetic defects.

    NOVA claims that this is a positive genetic mutation that just happened to occur – it is *PURE MAGIC*

    This video segment from NOVA: “Judgment Day: Intelligent Design on Trial” reveals how genetic evidence helped to confirm an important component of Darwin’s theory of evolution by natural selection: the common ancestry of humans and apes. In particular, it explains that humans have one fewer chromosome pair in their cells than apes, due to a mutation found in chromosome number 2 that caused two chromosomes to fuse into one.

    From Arthur C. Clarke:

    British science fiction writer Arthur C. Clarke formulated three adages that are known as Clarke’s three laws, of which the third law is the best known and most widely cited:

    1. When a distinguished but elderly scientist states that something is possible, he is almost certainly right. When he states that something is impossible, he is very probably wrong.
    2. The only way of discovering the limits of the possible is to venture a little way past them into the impossible.
    3. Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.

    The Great Year:

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