Bee In Eden Show 05 – Free Flowing Prosperity

Here is the script and visual aids that accompany episode #5 of a Bee In Eden on the Storytellers Campfire radio network. Our Show Slogan is: “Anticipating our future by remembering our past.” You can play the Youtube audio here while scrolling down the page to see the visuals.

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Episode #5 – recorded September 16, 2016

Free Flowing Prosperity

Segment 1 (2.5 minutes)

What is the “balance of nature”? We hear that phrase often. We do sense that there is harmony in our natural world. Certainly we see astonishing and uplifting examples of well-balanced design all around us. When good health and adequate resources are present, all living things go about their day successfully. An environment of peaceful equilibrium appears to be the state upon which Nature thrives.

However, in the world of Bankers and Bookkeepers, the word “equilibrium” has taken on a bit of a twist. In their worldview, equilibrium has come to mean a state where two opposing forces “zero themselves out” at the bottom line of a ledger book. Unfortunately, we seem to be living in world right now where a few hundred Banksters are doing all of the Taking while billions of other people are doing all of the Giving. Sadly, in their formula, that situation defines a type of “balance” and proper order in the world.

This is what today’s show will talk about, a fact about Nature that might change your perception of the phrase “the balance of nature.”


photo credit: Temecula Valley Winegrowers Association

During this quick break, please think about how you would answer this question: Does Nature “zero itself out” at the end of the day? Do living things proceed along some kind of path of Give-And-Take where the “giving” and the “taking” always come out even in the end?

I propose to you that there is something about our natural world that actually teaches us that 1+1 might actually equal 3 or 4 or even some infinite number. Crazy, right? We’ll be right back.


Segment 2 (11 minutes)

Earlier this year I wrote an article at the website to expose the reasons why the Bankster’s concept of the “balance of nature” is out of harmony with our natural world. In fact, it is Anti-Human. Their concept of “balance” was the result of taking some perfectly valid, natural mathematical principles and twisting them into a formula that might sound logical, but actually reflect a very false view of the way Nature works.

The article was entitled Free Flowing Prosperity and is linked here in the companion blog for today’s Bee In Eden radio show. I will use portions of that article as the basis of our conversation today.

There is something about the history of modern accounting principles that eludes most bankers and bookkeepers today. That is, the very system we call “double entry bookkeeping” became standardized in Europe during the Renaissance. Don’t worry if you’re not a math wizard; we won’t go too far in expounding on principles of accounting!

Basically, when you balance your checkbook, you are participating in this scheme of “zeroing out” your checkbook. Your goal is to get the balance in your checkbook to be equal to the balance in your bank statement. Or to put it another way, if you subtract your bank balance from your checkbook balance and have it come out exactly to Zero, then you have “balanced” the scales and can get on with the rest of your day.

The Italian bankers of the 16th century came up with these principles as a result of the re-discovery of a body of ancient hidden wisdom known as the Hermetica. However, there were several schools of thought that were being considered in the mystery schools and centers of higher education at that time. You may have heard of belief systems like the Kabbalah or Gnosticism. Elements of all these systems began influencing the men who held positions of power in western society, the movers and shakers of their time.

However, this discovery of ancient wisdom also revealed some uncomfortable facts. One is that scientific knowledge which goes uncontrolled can result in the destruction of one’s natural world or even the destruction of mankind itself. These bookkeeping principles actually worked to those Bankers’ benefit by aiding them in setting up a social system of debt and finance that would keep humanity somewhat “contained” in a type of safety net. Yes, they viewed this system of debt we live under as a way of keeping us from hurting ourselves!

This is why researchers like Dr. Joseph P. Farrell constantly mention this idea: there is a deep connection between Physics and Finance. Or in our discussion today, I would modify that to say, Energy and Money.

To get straight to the point, I want to explain how, in our natural world, living things literally “plug themselves” into unlimited sources of energy. When they do this, the unlimited energy results in unending abundance. Hence the title of this show: Free Flowing Prosperity.

At this point, I will read some portions of my blog that demonstrate how this process happens in, of all places, a vineyard.

(Follow along at this other article. Look for this image shown below.)


Layering a Mother grapevine to create a new Child grapevine. You literally “plug” the mother grapevine shoot into the earth.

We’ll take our second break here. While we’re away, let that lesson from the vineyard sink in. What we’re saying is that there is no such thing in Nature as “loss” resulting from “withdrawals” of resources. When the Child grapevine tapped into the resources of its Mother grapevine, nobody experienced any loss. In fact BOTH vines became even MORE prosperous. In a very real sense, One Plus One equaled Three, Four or More!


Segment 3 (10 minutes)

To recap, I am saying that, in our beautiful earthly inheritance, there are endless fields of Free Energy. When living things are allowed to plug themselves into those resources, those living things become more prosperous and do not suffer any “sacrifice” or debt or loss of assets in themselves.

The vineyard thus defies the harmful logic of our western Banking system. You see, my friends, we have been taught to believe that if you “take” from one resource, you leave a hole in that resource and you are now “in debt” to that hole and must refill it. So when Bankers lend you money, they tell you that the natural order of your world demands that you “balance those scales” by paying them back. In fact, usually they ask you to overpay them by adding interest to that repayment!

However, in our natural world, that’s not how Life works. There is no such thing as “debt” or “withdrawals” demanding repayment. Our modern system of banking and money-lending is thus proven to be anti-natural and should be abolished. The very concept of “debt” does not even belong in our vocabulary because it does not belong in the vocabulary of any other living thing.


Another diagram that shows the layered vine “plugging” into earth’s energy.

In fact, some forward-thinking people are indeed pondering such ideas. In my article, I mentioned two ideas being proposed. I will quote from my friend Colin McKay who has set out his ideas at website He feels that every person should be allowed to create a type of money, just as our grapevines in the vineyard each produce grapes while yet being connected to each other.

(return to my article.)

Indeed, let’s think about how the original families worked with each other BEFORE any temples and letters of credit had been invented by those pesky agents of the temple. Colin McKay suggests that people bartered their time and skills with one another and simply kept track of doing favors with one another. You see, a society *could* come up with an exchange system like this, where no long-lasting debt is incurred, or people just voluntarily actually HELP one another. Everybody has equal access to earth’s energy resources so there is no burden. Note how, in his system, the social debt is reset weekly, not unlike the 7-year automatic Jubilee of ancient Israel. But this time, the reset happens every 7 DAYS.

It is an intriguing idea. In that article I also refer to a video by Cindy Kay Currier who proposes something called the Heirship Economy. Again, this is a natural monetary system that reflects the natural world of Abundance that exists all around us.

To summarize what this episode of a Bee In Eden wants you to take away is this: if people enjoyed unhindered access to systems of free energy, we would never suffer any scarcity. Human beings could go about their day with what they need to live just as do all other living things on Earth. In fact, if we had access to whatever energy we needed, then there would be no need to have a debt-backed monetary system at all. There would be no need to have Banks at all, not in the sense we have them today.

However, we would still be left with the somewhat valid fear that those students of the ancient mystery schools entertained, which is: Can humans enjoy such unlimited access to endless energy without blowing themselves up?

That is a question that cannot be ignored and perhaps we will pursue that on a future show. One thing for sure that we will discuss on a future show is exactly what false religious idea did those ancient mystery schools promote that got people convinced that they owed debts to those elite temple priesthoods in the first place?

For now, the slant of the sunshine indicates that it’s time for the bees to return to the hive. Take care and proper until next we get to buzz along together.

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