Bee In Eden Show 04 – Murasu the Kingmaker

Here is the script and visual aids that accompany episode #4 of a Bee In Eden on the Storytellers Campfire radio network. Our Show Slogan is: “Anticipating our future by remembering our past.”

Episode #4 – re-recorded September 29, 2016

Murasu the Kingmaker (Part 2)

Segment 1 (2 minutes)
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In our last show, we buzzed through Part One of a historical fiction I wrote a year ago. So today we will pick up Part Two. We are talking about the Murasu family of bankers who lived about 500 years before Christ. They rose to great power during the Persian Empire. The reason why we know about them is because they were kind enough to leave behind massive piles of bookkeeping records. These records were found about 100 years ago. Some very scholarly books on those findings have been published but are hard to find. I have a link to one such book at my SedonaDeb blog page. It is found within Episode #3 of this show, a Bee In Eden.

In part two of our story, Grandfather Herschel is preparing to hand over the family business to his grandson, Asher. Today Asher gets to take a tour of the Babylonian temple of Inanna where the vast treasury of silver coins is being stored in carefully guarded vaults. It is a bustling beehive of commercial activity. Asher is keen to learn the secrets of this temple and the magic behind the issuance of credit lines and the financing of empires.

Let’s take a quick break here and then we will dive into our story.

Segment 2 (10 minutes)

Welcome back. To help us focus on the distant history of the Murasu Family, let’s remember the overall slogan of this Bee In Eden radio show: anticipating our future by remembering our past. As you listen to today’s episode and to our future programs, you will begin to see that events are taking place in our lives right now that were set in motion way back in the land of Babylon, within her bankster temples.

In today’s story, Grandfather Herschel explains a new scheme that literally did come into existence in his day. This was the invention of state-issued silver money. Coins that were stamped with the approval of both the King and the Temple. If you look at coins in your wallet today, you will see that not much has changed. The money-lenders of the ancient world were keen to launch this new system. It opened doors to even greater power over their clients … along with the creation of vast amounts of loans and all the wealth that those loans would generate.

I will read now directly from the story that I wrote a year ago. This is linked from the SedonaDeb blog for today’s show. First, the narrator sets up the story …. (Dear Reader: at this point you can read along by clicking over to this other blog within this website.)

Water Into Wine – Part IV – Murasu Family

My friends in the audience, we will take a quick intermission here and then return to the story. Grandfather Herschel will take his grandson to the most powerful room of all — the closed doors where deals are made, where men are chosen to become the next emperor.

Segment 3 (12 minutes)

And we’re back. We will rejoin Grandfather Herschel and grandson Asher in just a minute. In our story, recall that Grandfather is teaching his grandson about the power of money-lending. In the story, I briefly made mention of the common Trinity metaphor that was taught in the Babylonian temple. In fact, this is a metaphor that was taught in ALL of the temples who passed Letters of Credit amongst themselves. The Trinity Metaphor will be explored in greater detail on future Bee In Eden radio shows.


Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel, 1831

But for now, let’s just say that this is related to something taught in social studies today: the Hegelian Dialectic. This is an idea that can be expressed different ways. You might have heard it expressed as this phrase:

Problem –> Reaction –> Solution.
A more common way of expressing that idea is:
“Never let a good crisis go to waste.”

You see, in the days of the Murasu family, the Persian landlords had a crisis on their hands. A young man had seized the throne of his father down in Shushan, a man they wanted to get rid of. Their preferred choice for new king was the illegitimate son of the old king who had recently died. They wanted Ochus to be the king. But the only way to get it done was by raising an army and overthrowing the usurper, Darius I.

Well, “Never let a good crisis go to waste.”


Drachma coin depicting Darius II (Ochus)

The Murasu bankers saw their chance of a lifetime. The bankers got the noble landlords to mortgage their estates to the Murasu family. The Murasu bankers then financed the military plans of this man named Ochus. He was successful in taking over the thrown of Persia. The landlords were happy, at first. But then they realized that they had given away their land by mortgages to the bankers!

In our story, Grandfather Herschel is hinting to his grandson that he needs to stay one step ahead of his enemies. He needs to start planning to support the next empire and the next king, a king who will protect the bankers from their unhappy mortgaged clients. That king would prove to be the mighty Alexander the Great.


Alexander the Great (by Lysippos)

But now we return to our story as grandfather and grandson finish their morning tour of the Treasury.

(Dear Reader: you can re-join the story here.)

Dear friends, that is the end of the story as I wrote it one year ago. But there is much more to tell. On our next show together, we will talk about how credit and silver money were used to power the next great empire, Greece. Notice that I let something dangle in our story today, a point about how the mystical arts of the temple would become part of young Asher’s financial education. That is something we will discuss further down the road from our beehive.

Many thanks to our sponsors and to our listening audience for buzzing along today. Let’s charge up now at our beehives and prepare for our next venture out. Signing off ….


The video below is a 3-hour seminar of six lectures about the period of history when the Jews were captive in Babylon. The information that proves that the Murasu Family came from Judah is within the first hour of this video.

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