The Reset of Mt. McKinley

It was a news blurb flying so low under the radar that it wasn’t even on the radar. On August 30, 2015, news wires reported that the US federal government would be resetting the name of North America’s tallest peak back to its original native Koyukon name of “Denali.” The re-naming event of itself probably carried little importance within the swirl of much larger storms that are invading our news cycles. However, the symbolism of the name’s reset is astounding when one looks at the history of the naming of the McKinley peak a hundred years ago. As will be stated near the end of this article, the Reset of the name of this mountain peak might well be heralding the long-awaited cataclysm in the American financial system.

It is my contention that the renaming of the mountain is one of those “messages in plain sight” being sent again to the inside crowd. When I saw the news of the renaming of Mt. McKinley, I sat there asking myself, “Why now?” A brief recap of how the mountain was named after a presidential candidate in the first place is in order, below.

Gold was discovered in Alaska on August 16, 1896. By the way, mid-August is a season that keeps repeating itself in the eternal love-hate relationship of Gold and the United States. In that same year 1896, a gold prospector decided to name the formerly-known Denali peak as “McKinley” as a show of political support for then-presidential candidate William McKinley. He became president the following year. The United States formally recognized the name Mount McKinley after President Wilson signed the Mount McKinley National Park Act of February 26, 1917.
[reference: Wikipedia ]

President McKinley was a Republican proponent of the gold standard who was inserted into the White House by that bankster cabal led by the man, J.P. Morgan. Remember, in the year 1896, the U.S. still backed its currency with gold. It was concerning the campaign of McKinley that the famous History Channel episode of “The Men Who Built America” attributed this fictional statement to Morgan: “We need to buy the president.” McKinley’s democratic opponent was William Jennings Bryan, famous for his bold demand spoken at the time of his nomination: “You shall not crucify mankind upon a cross of gold.” At this period in American history, millions of people were suffering yet another bankster-engineered financial collapse, the Panic of 1893.
[reference: Wikipedia ]

McKinley endured his first term and got re-elected to his second term in 1900. But he would not survive the second term in office. On September 6, 1901, two bullets from anarchist Leon Czolgosz hit the president while McKinley was shaking hands with the public at the “Temple of Music” in Buffalo, NY. The assassination attempt drew attention to the financial plight of the nation because the perpetrator was portrayed as a disgruntled citizen who had lost his job due to the Panic of 1893. McKinley lingered for a week, apparently after beginning to recover, but died from the onset of gangrene on September 14, 1901. Consequently, the vice-president, Theodore Roosevelt took the oath of office on that date in 1901.

The seizing of executive power by the Roosevelt dynasty in 1901 would prove to be yet another one of those nexus points in American history. Against this backdrop, the Bankster Priesthood was already working their Hegelian dialectic that would result in the passing of the Federal Reserve Act in 1913, signed by another JP Morgan stooge, President Wilson. Once that happened, the political leanings of any presidential candidate no longer mattered. The nation had been sold, lock, stock and barrel, to the Bankster Priesthood. Another Roosevelt, Franklin Delano, would later set the dominoes of gold abandonment in motion with the passing of Executive Order 6102 in 1933. That Order evolved into the Gold Reserve Act of 1934. Exactly 80 years ago, in 1935, a weird succession of events resulted in the occult re-design of the $1 Bill, of which I blogged in July 2014, linked below.

[reference: Wikipedia and My BIN Blog ]

In 1971, another mid-August event came crashing down on this nation when President Nixon formally removed the Dollar from the gold standard on August 15. Therefore, from 1893 onward, the nation has been firmly held in a vice grip, tightly controlled by the Bankster Priesthood via a series of engineered boom-and-bust cycles and political manipulations. We have been deliberately lead to where we are today, sitting on the cusp of the most destructive financial crisis the world has ever known.

True to their cult-like protocol, the Bankster Priesthood must pre-announce the spell in order for it to have success. I believe they have now done this with the Reset of the Mt. McKinley name back to its original state. The announcement of that Reset has now appeared within a set of other actions that began happening, as usual, in mid-August. In my next blog, I will elaborate on why I refer to this network as a “priesthood.” As a precursor to that blog, I will leave you with this summary of August 2015 events along with a prediction of important dates to follow during the next six weeks, and the comparable astronomical alignment to which these Banksters are paying homage (if the pattern is to be believed).

If Banksters follow traditional horoscope from Old Babylonian star charts, then this:

August 07, 2015 : John Kerry at ASEAN Conference : “Planet Mercury enters Virgo constellation”

August 11, 2015 : China first devalues Yuan : “Planet Jupiter enters Virgo constellation”

August 23, 2015: Black Monday sell-off : “Sun enters Virgo constellation”

September 06, 2015 : Putin steps up active support of Syria, China devals Yuan again, record low JPM gold level at COMEX : “Planet Venus shifts direction to Forward”. @LadaTweets explained: “Venus starts moving ‘forward’ in the sky as seen fr earth. Astrologically it means we can move forward w Venus-related plans”

September 24, 2015 : “UN, Pope Francis, Shemitah, China Moon Goddess Festival Sept27” : “Planet Mars enters Virgo constellation”

October 8, 2015 : “Big market crash?” Putin birthday Oct07; 1st navy bombardment of Syrian terrorists by Russia: “Planet Venus enters Virgo constellation”/Double Goddess

If Banksters follow current 21st century star charts, then this:

September 16, 2015 : JPM registered gold bar count falls to 27 : “Sun and Moon first in dawn sky with Virgo constellation; Venus and Moon together in Leo constellation”

September 23, 2015 : Obama Hosts Pope Francis in D.C. Goddess imagery everywhere : Autumn Equinox coincides with Tishri 10 Yom Kippur, Shemitah “blowing of the Shofar”

September 25, 2015 @ 8:30AM EST : Pope Francis speech at UN : “Sun sits in Virgo constellation in the East at precisely 19.5 degree from horizon. Constellation Orion, aka Osiris and consort star Sirius (Isis) are setting in the West, so they are facing Virgo across the sky. Planet Venus overhead in the daylight. A sky-wide triangle formation!”

September 27/28, 2015 : Putin PR victory with Charlie Rose interview. Damning speech by Putin at UN: “Do you see now what you’ve done?” Sept30: Putin airstrikes on Syrian terrorists : “Blood Moon #4 Lunar Eclipse”

October 8, 2015 : (TBA “Big market crash? Glencore?”) Putin birthday Oct07 sees launch of Russia navy missiles from Caspian Sea on Syria terrorists : “Sun rises in Virgo constellation”

October 13, 2015 : TBA : “Dawn sky again: Moon in Virgo, Sun in “womb” of Virgo at star Spica”

October 14-19, 2015 : TBA : “Dawn sky: Sun exits womb of Virgo, conjunction with star Spica; Mars-Venus-Jupiter alignment in Leo constellation.”

November 5, 2015 : TBA Guy Fawkes Nov05 Jesuit Treason Gunpowder Plot commemoration : “Dawn sky: planet Venus enters the “eye” of Virgo constellation.” Note: this was the same position of Venus in Virgo on Oct. 05, 539 BCE, date when Cyrus destroyed old Babylon.

November 7, 2015 : TBA : “Dawn sky: planets Mars and Venus with the Moon in the “eye” of Virgo constellation; Sun leaving Libra approaching the “feet” of Virgo”

I invite your comments especially as these dates in September and October come to fruition. Let’s see how, or if, the pattern reveals itself.

For a thoroughly instructive dissection of this period in the nation’s currency history, and its exposure by the famous “children’s book” The Wizard of Oz, please review the exceptional documentary by Bill Still on YouTube: The Secret Of Oz.
[reference: YouTube ]


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