The Vatican Global Chess Board Part II

“A Church within a Church, and a State within a State”
— Sean Martin, author, from “The Templar Code,” History Channel

I have been ruminating for the last five months on how best to tackle this sequel to Vatican Chessboard Part I.VVII_mask The goal here in this new blog is to show the connection between this dark side of the Church and today’s modern intelligence agencies. The task proved cumbersome, not only because the topic covers 2,000 years of history, but also because every day more current events keep popping up to support the theory. As soon as we would collect one piece of news, something even more condemnatory would be revealed the next day. So much evidence, so little blog space.

So here we are on November 4, 2013, only one day away from the annual occasion of Guy Fawkes Day, the infamous “remember, remember, the fifth of November.” As was pointed out in Part One, this mostly British popular holiday has its roots in the Gunpowder Plot of November 5, 1605, an event schemed by Guy Fawkes and a conspiracy of Jesuit priests. The event was at one time simply known as the “Jesuit Treason.”

In Part One we discussed how the Jesuit Order was the force that succeeded in moving a band of once-reluctant New Englanders down a path of Revolution against the British monarch. You, dear Reader, might ask yourself if the pattern of that revolution in 1776 is really so different from the “Green” or “Color” Revolutions that we have witnessed across the Middle East, Central Asia, and South and Central America during the last 60 years. These are revolutions whose design proved them to be intelligence operations meant to destabilize kings, dictators, and even popularly elected presidents. VVII_jesuit_sun_icon

That is to say, what we saw in 1776 was a small group of men operating in the shadows who succeeded in moving a mass population into an action that furthered the agenda of that shadow power. In the conclusion of Part One we saw that the results of that action in 1776 gradually led the fledgling American nation down a path of servitude to this shadow power’s own foreign bankers. And that is where we are today, sitting on the doorstep of the final collapse of the American monetary system as she prepares a covert surrender to this dark power. (See any of Jim Willie’s blogs, for example.)

In Part Two of this blog we will present the idea that this same group of Vatican operatives also sits at the heart of the world’s intelligence services. In fact, we see one Body with Two Hands: one hand pulls the puppet strings of global resources, energy and finance, while the other hand pulls the puppet strings of intel, espionage, and propaganda.


For your consideration, we have created this map, below. You can click on it to see a larger view. The yellow stars mark sites of recent Financial Confiscation, like Cyprus. The red stars mark the sites of the Arab Spring Revolts that will culminate in the biggest prize of all, Jerusalem. The purple stars mark the US-CIA wars in Central Asia and more Color Revolutions.

EurAsia hot spots of Jesuit control

Please note that a pattern has emerged, a pattern of Spirals, even Fibonacci spirals. This blog here will not get into the minutia of why the spiral shape is so significant. Do feel free to come up with your own interpretation and leave a comment at the end of the blog if you like. [However, for some info on Spirals, see: ]

Suffice it to say that the Spiral is one of the oldest and most revered shapes in sacred geometry. The ancient Swastika is an example of this. Sadly an elite group of occultists in pre-war Germany discovered the power of the spiral and used that symbol towards their own evil ends. (For example See the book: Nazi International by Joseph P. Farrell)

The Fibonacci spiral is a pattern we see permeating Creation, both in living and non-living forces. For example, you see it in the shape of a sea shell and in the growth pattern of branches of a pine tree. Spirals are at the heart of Torsion energy, or what some might refer to as “free energy” or “Nikola Tesla technology.” Fibonacci mathematics are seen everywhere in financial patterns. In other words, when a person sets out to control or manipulate Life in some way, to achieve a particular goal, you can be sure that, somehow, a spiral movement will be sitting at the heart of that project.

Back to this map. When I set out to mark the notable events on this map, I was expecting to see either Rome or Jerusalem at the central axis point. But, nay, that is not what happened! The axis point of this map is none other than ancient BABYLON.

Indeed, this is the reason why the introduction of Part One called out the Biblical reference found in Revelation 17:18.VVII_harlotbeast This scripture speaks of the great global prostitute whose name is “Babylon the Great.” She has a “kingdom over the kings of the earth.” This prostitute has changed faces and labels many times. In fact, though the title of this blog makes reference to the Vatican, this is only done out of convenience because most people understand what that is. But in reality, when we talk about the Jesuits, or the Freemasons, or the Cabal, or — whatever name you want to give it, we are talking about this Super Entity that the Bible long ago identified as Babylon the Great.

This map now provides correlating evidence to that Biblical data point. There really is a “force” sitting at the axis point around which all these other events are revolving. Events in the news as recently as two weeks ago are moving fast and furiously to make this connection even more obvious.

To support our topic here that this Babylonian Jesuit Order really is in control of the world’s intelligence services in our modern day, we will lay out just a few facts for your consideration.


VVII_templar_dvd_iconIf you need evidence of the Church’s invention of military and intelligence services to secure her own wealth and power, I would refer you to one of many documentary films, such as “The Templar Code,” part of the series “Decoding the Past” as shown on the History Channel. In Part One of this blog we noted how the Jesuit Order was really an out-growth of the ancient Knights Templar. In the middle of that History Channel program, one of the commentators said, “They have been described as a Church within a Church, and a State within a State.”

Full episode here on YouTube: page:

Here is a short 11-minute video that shows the connection between the ancient Knights Templar and the modern Jesuit Order: page:

For slightly more recent history that directly implicates the Jesuit Order in the Opium Wars and influence over the Qing Dynasty of China in the 16th century, you can review this page:

But if you are sitting there asking what evidence is there that this Babylonian cult is the voice behind such agencies as the KGB or the NSA in our day, right now … consider this:

One must first acknowledge that the Banksters use state military forces and state intelligence agencies to perpetuate international debt servitude. And we must see that the Roman Catholic Church sits at the root of the Westernn financial world as its Creator … indeed, she provided the “seed capital” for Europe’s banks during the Middle Ages. (See Joseph P. Farrell’s new book “Financial Vipers of Venice“) VVII_venice_vipers_thumnbnail

This is an all-important point: Banking power can only exist if that power is enforced by military and “black ops” channels. Wherever the Bankster goes, there follows his private army. For example, I posted a blog here that thoroughly displayed the connection between JP Morgan and the Pentagon’s General Petraeus in Afghanistan. See:

In fact, the History Channel film referenced above makes that point quite clear in the case of the Knights Templar in the 10th century A.D. They were the men who invented the whole idea of transnational banking via “letters of credit” and security-coded deposit accounts.

Consider also this citation taken from a news article at PressTV dated May 30, 2013:

The real war isn’t between nations, civilizations, or religions.

The real war is the bankers’ war to conquer the entire world. VVII_confessionshitman

In his book Confessions of an Economic Hit Man, John Perkins explained how it works. The bankers use their control of currency to impose debt slavery on individuals as well as nations. They force nations to accept loans that are impossible to pay back – by design. The bankers use the resulting bankruptcy and/or “restructuring agreements” to seize control of those nations and their resources.

If a nation’s leader refuses to obey the bankers – as in the cases of Venezuela and Iran – that leader, or nation, is put on the bankers’ “hit list.” That nation becomes a target for regime change, whether by assassination, coup d’état, a bought or stolen election, or outright invasion.

The bankers use the military and intelligence services of the nations they control to attack and subvert the nations they do not control. They also use their own private armies and intelligence services to subvert all nations.

But even more evidence of this Unholy Trinity consisting of Babylon, Banks, and Intel Operations is presented below.

Point #1. During this past year, a whistle-blower attorney from the U.N.’s World Bank by the name of Karen Hudes has been very vocal in her assertion that a small but infinitesimally powerful “Super Entity” of people control all of the world’s wealth.VVII_Karen_hudes_thumbnail She is quite certain that the Jesuit Order and the Vatican sit in the middle of this entity. She has shown, within interviews such as the one linked below, that a network of only 150 of the world’s top banks and corporations control the majority of Earth’s wealth. And there is only a handful of people required to make this happen. These people share chairs on various Boards of Directors of these companies. Their combined web of influence is then interlocked.

At the 41-minute mark of this video, Mrs. Hudes says: “Your tax dollars go to the [Federal Reserve], then to London who keeps 40% of it, then to the Jesuits.” page:



In one of her interviews, VVII_heroic_leadership_book_icon Mrs. Hudes referred to this book written by a Jesuit priest who worked for JP Morgan Chase bank: Heroic Leadership: Best Practices from a 450-Year-Old Company That Changed the World by Chris Lowney. So, yes, this information is out in the open. The Church does not hide their accomplishments. But you do have to go out and dig it up for yourself. Secrecy is part of their “charm.”

Point #2. Just last week, Vladimir Putin overtook Barack Obama as the more influential national leader of the two men in a recently published Forbes list. (See: Report)

But from what source has Putin’s power emanated? Vladimir Putin joined the KGB in 1975. The origins of the KGB and its ties with the Russian Orthodox Church are very damning. Author Joseph P. Farrell explains it this way:

The second political reality is what Putin represents, and again, what he represents is something that is a holdover from, believe it or not, Josif Stalin. In 1936, Stalin struck a most extraordinary deal, one almost unknown in the West, and even when known, little appreciated by Western analysts, for in 1936 he reached an agreement with the locum tenens of the Russian Orthodox Church, Metropolitan Sergei. VVII_jpf_thumbnail

The agreement is known, within Orthodox Church circles, as the “Sergian compromise,” for by its terms, the Church was allowed to retain and in some cases even to open seminaries to train clergy, in return for those clergy be being recruited as agents for the internal state security, the NKVD, forerunner to the KGB.

The long-term effect of this was, in my opinion, two-fold, for while it might be argued that this hollowed out the Church, by the same token, the NKVD/MGB/KGB eventually found itself being staffed by Orthodox clergy. In short, the Orthodox Church, creator of Russian culture and a repository of Russian national culture and aspirations, entered the intelligence business.

The long term result is Vladimir Putin, with an intelligence background and a practicing Russian Orthodox believer. My point is, he is not the only one. If the West succeeds in blocking him, he will be replaced by another. It is no accident that the West, largely America, is sending “evangelical” missionaries to Russia to spread America’s homegrown (per)version of the Gospel, for America is faced with a Christian culture that is far older than that informing America’s.

So the KGB is a creation of the union between the Russian Orthodox Church and the State. Please remember in Part One of this blog that the Jesuits maintained a very cozy relationship with Russia when the Pope banned them from Europe in 1773; Russia simply ignored the Pope’s order.

Point #3. The recent leaks by Edward Snowden exposing the NSA surveillance of all world leaders may have “called” the Jesuits’ poker hand. It was widely reported last week that the NSA had wire-tapped Catholic cardinals and even Pope Benedict XVI as the cardinals prepared to gather in their conclave to choose the replacement pope. (See: UK Guardian Story )

However, there was a detail in this story that was reported erroneously in the headline, but reported correctly in the body of the story. And that detail is this: Pope Benedict, XVI

“It is feared that the great American ear continued to tap prelates’ conversations up to the eve of the conclave,” the weekly magazine said.

Did you catch that? The spying went on “up to the eve” of the conclave, not through the conclave as many headlines had reported.

A few hours later, Congressman Rand Paul stated his belief that the NSA was even spying on President Obama’s phone calls. See: . The article quotes Mr. Paul:

“He has a cell phone, and, in fact, my guess is that they have collected data on the president’s phone.”

You are now left with two facts: A. the NSA does not take its orders from the President of the United States. B. the NSA did not continue the surveillance once the Jesuit decision on the new pope was sealed.

The conclusion is: the NSA takes its orders from the Jesuit Order.


For the sake of brevity, I have limited these evidences to the three points stated above. But the reader could do endless research on the origins of the CIA and the relationship of John Dulles with Nazi Reinhard Gehlen. Through those two men runs the dark connection to the Vatican’s ability to issue passports which then allowed the safe passage of key Nazi personnel to other countries as per “Operation Paperclip”. (For example see: )

As we approach the 50th anniversary of the death of President Kennedy,Webster G Tarpley interviews Joan Mellen there is much information coming out about the role the CIA and, yes, even the Vatican, played in the assassination of John F. Kennedy. Part One of this blog already referred to the Vatican’s role in the assassination of Abraham Lincoln and the then-recently-created Secret Service agency. Information along these lines is easy to access on the Internet.

Also worthy of mention for your own extra research is the role the Vatican played in the “Oslo Accords” of 1993.VVII_chamish_thumnbnail This is the agreement by which the Vatican has gradually been given increasing authority over the real estate of Old Jerusalem. Author Barry Chamish has spent most of his life warning his fellow Jews in Israel that the men who run their state government are not the loyal orthodox Jews that you would expect. It does appear that that the Knights Templar will regain their old Kingdom of Jerusalem after all. See:

The point being made here is that Babylon the Great is a very real and powerful monster. Her tentacles have spread out, not only over the regions of Earth shown in the above map, but to all corners of the globe. She has assumed sovereignty over “all the kings of the earth.” But she has no right to rule over mankind. No man does.

In the next blog we will return to our Water Into Wine series by connecting the dots of this modern-day Financial Black Ops Empire to that group of men who were responsible for the death of the one person who has been given the authority to establish the only representative government that is capable of bringing real blessings to mankind. That day is near at hand.

“With that I heard a loud voice from the throne say: “Look! The tent of God is with mankind, and he will reside with them, and they will be his people. And God himself will be with them.”

“And he will wipe out every tear from their eyes, and death will be no more, neither will mourning nor outcry nor pain be anymore. The former things have passed away.””

“And the One seated on the throne said: “Look! I am making all things new.””
— Revelation 21:3-5


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