What If I Told You That “Jews” Helped Murder Jews in Nazi Germany?

The notes below are based on the work of Barry Chamish who has his own blog at www.BarryChamish.com . He introduced me to an independent film entitled “Clear And Present Evil.” That DVD shows the history of the Jesuits’ political infiltration into world politics, including the assassination of most of the Presidents of the United States, if not all of them, and the role being played today by the Vatican in all areas of life. That history is directly linked to my “Water Into Wine” series here in this blog. I began that series as a way of picking a starting point in history at the death of Christ to show how a series of events has been moving forward by an uninterrupted cabal of power-hungry men to bring the population of Earth to the point of its own self-destruction today.

As it is working out, my research has taken me in the reverse flow of time: begin with current events today, and work backward, to connect today’s dots to the actions of the elite apostate Jews in Jesus’ day. The information that I will lay out here is a big leap in that effort.

This first Barry Chamish reference here shows that the current president of Israel, Shimon Peres, was actually educated at a Vatican school. Further blogs posted below this one are Barry’s research into how an apostate, but wealthy elite, branch of Judaism, called Shabbatains, actually organized the slaughter of their 6 million non-Shabbatai Jews during the Nazi Holocaust. Their motive was to get the world to surrender the geographic state of Israel to this elite gang of thugs. This apostate group has been closely allied with the Vatican the whole time.



Here is the link to Barry Chamish’s blog “The Deutsch Devils,” Part I. Most people have no idea that there are many factions of Judaism — so much so that applying the generic label “Jewish” to any person is just not descriptive enough. In this blog you will see that a wealthy elite group of “Jews” branched off into a world of their own making, where nobody in their orbit has to adhere to any standard of morality and where they intend to bring their own Messiah to fruition. They stand distinctly opposed to the vast sea of orthodox Jews, people who generally do still adhere to the Biblical moral code and traditional Jewish beliefs. But this vast sea was doomed by the wealthy elite sect to be nearly extinguished in the “burnt offering” sacrifice perpetrated by the Nazis. (Did you know that, in Spanish, the word “burnt offering” is translated as “holocausto”?) The 6 million orthodox Jews did indeed become a “sacrifice” that was used to buy the reclamation of Jerusalem by the elite minority.

He discusses the history of the self-proclaimed Jewish Kabbalist Messiah, Shabbatai Zvi, in the year 1666. This man stirred up so much trouble in Turkey that he was forced at knife-point to convert to Islam, of all things, and many of his followers went right along with this, seeing no conflict at all between the Muslim faith and their version of Judaism. Today, that group is still very active and powerful (see “Donmeh” in Wikipedia).

From among this group of Shabbatai followers, a man named Jacob Frank rose up in the mid 1700’s. In the blog references here, the adherents of Jacob Frank’s philosophy are labeled as the “Frankists.” They emerged out of Frankfurt, Germany. It was also at this same time that the Jesuit priest Adam Weishaupt steps onto the world stage, also in Frankfurt. He is the acclaimed modern genius behind the Illuminati and infiltrator of European Freemasonry.

The objectives of the Jesuits and the apostate wealthy elite Jews fused into one: to reclaim the Holy Land. This moment in Time also gave us the Rothschild and JP Morgan joint empire along with the myriad of intellectuals that are associated with the British intelligence service and German-Austrian communist writers. They are also closely tangled up with the mega-corporate commercial empires … that point is not addressed so much here by Barry Chamish, but you can see this in a blog by Dean Henderson, here at VeteransToday.com .



Here is the sequel to the above blog link, Barry Chamish’s blog “The Deutsch Devils – Part II – The Real War Against the Jews and Humanity”. In this blog a truth emerges that is so unthinkable and shocking that it may take several days to sink in once you read about it. This apostate wealthy elite group of so-called “Jews” conceived a plan to gain control of a territory they had lost way back in 70 C.E. … and they were willing to cause millions of their own brothers to suffer demonic torture and death in Nazi concentration camps to achieve it. This was the rise of Labor Zionism.

Quote: “To foment the idea, life had to [be] made so intolerable for Europe’s Jews, that escape to Palestine would appear to be the best option. The Cossack pogroms were the first shot in this campaign and for them, the Frankists turned to the Jesuits and their influence over the Catholic Church. The Jesuits had done more to spread communism, beginning with their feudal communes in South America, and now they wanted to punish the anti-papists of Europe by imprisoning them behind communal bars. The deal was simple: The Jesuits provided the Cossacks, the Frankists, the communists. And naturally, the Rothschilds would provide the moolah. [money]”

“Meeting in London during the War, Weizmann and Balfour had to deal with the problem of the people already living in Palestine, most of whom were religious Jews, who were the majority in such major centers as Jerusalem, Sfat and Tiberius. The myth of an ancient Palestinian Arab indigenous population is belied by any number of reports by visitors as talented as Twain and Balzac, who accurately noted the paucity of Arabs in the land during the 19th century. The later economic success of the new enterprise drew hundreds of thousands of Arabs from as far away as Iraq to the region with consequences the Illuminati were possibly well aware of.”

“To neutralize the religious Jews, many of whom had been living in the land since antiquity, Balfour and Weizmann inducted Rabbi Avraham Kook into the fold and after the war, he was appointed the first Chief Rabbi of the enterprise, while Weizmann was made the first head of the Jewish Agency. Kook proceeded to strip the landed Orthodox Jews of their real estate and political rights, while introducing a new concept into Judaism; the purity of land redemption. His philosophy was based on profound historical truth; nonetheless, his followers don’t understand how he and they are playing out the Shabbataian nightmare.”



This section is quoted directly from the Barry Chamish blog linked below: “The Sabbataian Zionists made a terrible pact with the Nazis, simplified after the best known component, called The Transfer Agreement. They let the Germans have their way with Europe’s Jews, and later continued the torture and medical experiments on the Sephardi children who immigrated to their new Sabbataian state.”

“The purpose of my exposing these sadistic experiments is to strengthen Judaism by removing these anti-Jews from our midst. Over the past 120 years the Sabbataians have infiltrated the Jewish leadership worldwide and oversaw the destruction of over 80% of the people by promoting wars, pogroms, assimilation and the Holocaust.”

“And no one knows that better than Israel’s Yemenite community. They have not forgotten that during the early years of Israel, some 4,500 of their children were kidnapped by the authorities and most disappeared for good.”

“In 1996, Rabbi Meshulum asked to meet me…. He then blasted the music on his portable tape machine and explained that he didn’t have the heart to tell the parents that the majority of their children were dead, murdered in atomic experiments, most shipped first to America in cages. Then he revealed the reason for his repression: the founder of the Israeli atomic research program was Shimon Peres and if the truth came out, he would be exposed for his role in the atrocities.”



A great piece on that “Transfer Agreement” and the Zionist Labor Movement that actually aired on a local news channel some years back:



As you peruse these Barry Chamish blog links, think about the close ties that exist today between Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Mitt Romney. Think about how this “Shabbatain” objective melds so easily with the Zionist Mormon objective. (See the work of Webster Tarpley to get up to speed on the Mormon vision of the future of America and of the world.) However, even if Mitt Romney fails to capture the vote, the objectives of this false “New World Order” satanic seed will continue moving forward. This is how the game has always worked, the Hegelian Dialectic: Problem –> Reaction –> Solution. Set up two opposing teams (or political parties) and pull the strings of each side. That way, no matter which team loses, YOU still win. If Obama wins, the world is still caught up in the war of Sunni Muslims versus Shia Muslims — this “war” was created as yet another Jesuit strategy.

Mankind has been carefully setup for an apocalyptic fall by people who truly and gladly adopt the mind of their Father, Satan the Devil. The words of Genesis 3:15 regarding the “enmity” that exists between the “Seed” that would bring real deliverance, liberty, and freedom to Mankind, and its soon-to-be-neutralized “Seed” of the Great Serpent, are quickly coming to a head.

“And I shall put enmity between you and the woman and between your seed and her seed. He will bruise you in the head and you will bruise him in the heel.” (Genesis 3:15)


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