Dangerous Rift Brewing in Tehran

Today’s blog is hastily assembled to call attention to the next “Judgment Day” that is being promoted and set for June 5, 2011. However, this announcement is not coming out of the mouth of a relatively harmless Christian fundamentalist group in Sacramento, California. This announcement is coming from the president of Iran — a weaponized, militant, and nuclear-powered sovereignty. Ahmadinejad is very zealous about his beliefs and has long preached about the coming of the Twelfth Imam. The Twelfth Imam is sort of the Muslim version of Messiah, also referred to as the Mahdi. (This author does not follow the precepts of Islam, so feel free to leave a comment at the end of this blog if a correction to these statements seems advisory.)

This past week, President Ahmadinejad announced that something big is set to happen on June 5th … some sort of “covert appearance” of the Hidden Imam is expected. [reference: Ahmadinejad’s Team Expects Arrival of Twelfth Imam … on June 5 ]

From the mainstream media, you will hear only a very loud sound of silence on the subject. Twitter doesn’t even have hash tag for it yet.

However, there is one man who is definitely in a position to have information on the subject. His pseudonym is Reza Kahlili and and most of what follows is based on his blog found at this web address, which is also the title of his book: www.ATimeToBetray.com.

Ahmadinejad’s political power is, of course, second only to the power of the ayatollah Khomeini himself. With the imminent arrival of the Mahdi, Ahmadinejad appears to be thumbing his nose at the ayatollah because, after all, the Mahdi would become the new Supreme Leader, leaving the ayatollah as “deposed.” In fact, Ahmadinejad is already claiming to be taking his orders from the Mahdi! So there is a dangerous rift brewing in Tehran between the ayatollah and Ahmadinejad. They have become two opposite political factions, each with its own set of loyal militants. And then of course, the student protest groups in Tehran who want the whole thing to come down are still very much active, in spite of being thrown under the bus two years ago by the Obama regime. So, a three-faction civil war appears to be brewing in Iran.

The coming of the Mahdi is supposed to be tied with a few events that will make neither Saudi Arabia nor Israel very happy: the death of KSA’s King Abdullah, the conquering of Medina, and an annihilation of Israel as the Imam takes back Jerusalem.

These beliefs regarding the imminent arrival of the Twelfth Imam are being circulated in Iran through a video documentary that was personally prepared with the support of Ahmadinejad, entitled “The Coming Is Upon Us.” A YouTube channel has posted this video documentary, “The Coming Is Upon Us,” with English subtitles, in two parts, beginning here:

Shortly after this video began its round of presentation throughout the Basij and Revolutionary Guards’ bases, division began growing between Ahmadinejad and the ayatollah — even though the film was approved by Iran’s clerical class.

On May 5, 2011, it was reported that men close to Ahmadinejad had been arrested on charges of sorcery by the ayatollah. [ref: Ahmadinejad allies charged with sorcery ] We don’t know what magical acts were allegedly being carried out, but one might wonder if they had something to do with Ahmadinejad’s communications with the Hidden Imam.

However, one thing we do know, according to that same news report: “The arrests come amid a growing rift between Ahmadinejad and Khamenei which has prompted several MPs to call for the president to be impeached.” Reza Kahlili also reiterated this story and added that “supporters of the supreme leader are referring to Ahmadinejad’s group as ‘The Deviant Movement.’ ”

And then, two weeks later as mentioned up at the beginning of this blog, Ahmadinejad appears to be striking back politically against the ayatollah when, as reported by Reza Kahlili:

This “group” has announced that within the upcoming weeks a monumental event will turn the tide to their advantage.

Based on a report from Iran’s Ayandeh, one of the officials within “The Deviant Movement” has informed his confidants that certain sources close to the “Mahdi’s Emergence Movement” have stated that an important event will soon change the course of operations to Ahmadinejad’s favor. According to interpretations offered by Ahmadinejad’s team, a high-ranking member of the Islamic Republic will meet with a climactic incident. This in turn will build up to the announcement of the “covert emergence” of the Twelfth Imam (or Mahdi) in Medina, Saudi Arabia.

Hardliners critical of Ahmadinejad maintain that his team believes a covert emergence will commence on the 14th of Khordaad (June 5) in Medina, setting the stage for the announcement of the actual emergence in the next few years….

“Ahmadinejad believes that the covert emergence has, in fact, occurred. Therefore, he acts like he no longer needs the supreme leader and that he can disobey him, as he is taking his orders directly from the Mahdi himself.

When one considers the points dramatized in the official state documentary, it is easy to see how acts of radical fundamentalist terrorism may be motivated by these pseudo-Messianic beliefs — and indeed, the timetable for these actions must be speeding up! — and not so much by simply a belief “in going to heaven to meet 72 virgins,” as all of us in the West have been led to believe by our mainstream media.

In fact, the members of the General Assembly of the United Nations are well aware of this fact, as can be seen from the speech that Ahmadinejad gave before that body on September 24, 2009. At the very end of that speech, he revealed these deep-seated beliefs to the entire world, publicly and unashamedly:

The promised destiny for the mankind is the establishment of the humane pure life. Will come a time when justice will prevail across the globe and every single human being will enjoy respect and dignity. That will be the time when the Mankind’s path to moral and spiritual perfectness will be opened and his journey to God and the manifestation of the God’s Divine Names will come true.

The mankind should excel to represent the God’s “knowledge and wisdom”, His “compassion and benevolence”, His “justice and fairness”, His “power and art”, and His “kindness and forgiveness”. These will all come true under the rule of the Perfect Man, the last Divine Source on earth, Hazrat Mahdi (Peace be upon him); an offspring of the Prophet of Islam, who will re-emerge, and Jesus Christ (Peace be upon him) and other noble men will accompany him in the accomplishment of this, grand universal mission. And this is the belief in Entezar (Awaiting patiently for the Imam to return).

Waiting with patience for the rule of goodness and the governance of the Best which is a universal human notion and which is a source of nations’ hope for the betterment of the world. 1 They will come, and with the help of righteous people and true believers will materialize the man’s long-standing desires for freedom, perfectness, maturity, security and tranquility, peace and beauty. They will come to put an end to war and aggression and present the entire knowledge as well as spirituality and friendship to the whole world.

Yes; Indeed, the bright future for the mankind will come. (Dearfriends, In waiting for that brilliant time to come and in a collective commitment, let’s make due contributions in paving the grounds and preparing the conditions for building that bright future. Long live love and spirituality; long live peace and security; long live justice and freedom. God’s Peace and blessing be upon you all.

His speech is still available for viewing with English voiceover on YouTube, here:

One might ask how long will it be before the United Nations wakes up to the game plan of this nuclear-powered country? Or has the United Nations become so dominated by the global banking cabal that it actually prefers that violence be allowed to continue terrorizing mankind because, as Max Keiser so eloquently stated this past week: “There is no money in Peace.” As Keiser goes on to note, even the Catholic Church figured that out long ago. What did you think the Crusades were all about?

(Keiser’s YouTube report dated May 26, 2011 found here, scroll to the 9:20 mark)

It then becomes self-evident that religious beliefs rooted in violence, and a global banking system that is also rooted in violence, will always impede the progress of peace and happiness for mankind. And no wonder that both of these concepts are rooted in Babylon the Great — that empire of human domination that has plagued man since the founding of kingdoms back in the days of Nimrod. The time is fast approaching when the United Nations will throw off its domination by that Great Whore.

We can be assured that if a loving Creator of mankind exists, he listens to the cries of his earthly children and will take the necessary steps to satisfy our natural desire for peace and good government, earth wide, regardless of religious or political division.

For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon his shoulder: and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counsellor, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace. — Isaiah 9:6, King James Version

Next, the end, when he hands over the kingdom to his God and Father, when he has brought to nothing all government and all authority and power…. As the last enemy, death is to be brought to nothing. — 1 Corinthians 15:24,26, New World Translation of the the Holy Scriptures


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