Astrology For Banksters Follow-Up

You might own guns and you might even own tanks
You might be somebody’s landlord, you might even own banks
But you’re gonna have to serve somebody
–Bob Dylan, Gotta Serve Somebody

Here we are, two weeks into the astronomical/astrological period known as the Cardinal Climax. I predicted that the Bankster rulers of the world would use this unique time period to create some kind of far-reaching event –not the end of the world— but something calamitous that would result in much misery for humankind. It might be a stock market crash. Or a new war. Or some natural disaster. So let’s see where we stand as of today.

The stock market has not crashed – yet. The commandos of the world have not initiated World War III – yet. No Haiti-like earthquake event has happened — yet. So our prediction was overly zealous in expecting something along this line would have manifested itself by today’s date of August 15, 2010. However, might we still ask: has such an event entered the pipeline?

Such an event –or catalog of events— may have already begun to form, similar to how an area of low pressure off the western coast of Africa can form into a tropical depression in the Caribbean which then grows into a Louisiana hurricane. When the hurricane finally hits, how do you pinpoint the exact date when that hurricane was born? Do you date it by the moment it grew to Category Five, or do you date it by its embryonic stage back when it was a cloud over Africa?

In this blog I shall document a timeline of events that have occurred during the last two weeks, posted here for your consideration. I have also included news related to the catastrophic weather events across Asia this month. I realize that most people would regard the weather as either natural phenomena or, at worst, a result of global warming. However another possibility hangs over our head like a Sword of Damocles. Catastrophic weather events may indeed be produced, or at least affected, by advanced technology that has been sitting in the hands of the Banksters for the last couple of decades. This technology allows for the manipulation of the materia prima itself and control of such energy-matter is, in fact, the ultimate goal of the global Bankster cabal. Wizard-like domination of this technology has been their aim all through history. (Joseph P. Farrell, yes, again.) So, when you see bizarre, unusual, destructive weather at work, you may in fact be witnessing the Banksters playing with their toys.

Indeed, even I was stunned to discover a web page posted four days ago at that fairly echoes words of Dr. Farrell:

“These [financial] aftershocks are likely to continue, according to scientists who study econophysics and look for connections between the natural and financial worlds. That’s because the math behind market tremors is the same math that describes actual earthquakes.”

The Banksters have long understood the cyclical relatonship between Finance and Physics.

In the news timeline below, the icing on the cake was this item posted two days ago on Friday the 13th at in an article entitled “The Hindenburg Omen Has Arrived”:

Granted, the Hindenburg Omen is not a guarantee of a crash, and the five criteria that must be met for a Hindenburg trigger typically need to reoccur within 36 days for reconfirmation. Yet the statistics are startling: “Looking back at historical data, the probability of a move greater than 5% to the downside after a confirmed Hindenburg Omen was 77%, and usually takes place within the next forty-days.” The last Hindenburg Omen occurred during the lows of 2009. Today, we just had another (unconfirmed) Hindenburg Omen. It is time to batten down the hatches – something big is coming.

News links to any of these events printed below can be Googled or found on my Facebook page. You may draw your own conclusions about whether or not “something big is coming.” News events that I found particularly notable are in bold.

  • July 25: London Bullion Market (LBMA) goes “data dark”; seems to be in trouble covering their paper gold contracts with real gold. (
  • July 31: JPMorgan publicly bemoans the drop in price of oil-per-barrel.
  • July-August: Event in progress: worst flooding in Pakistan in 80 years; affecting 20 million people.
  • Aug 01: Admiral Mike Mullen makes his statement about USA’s contingency war plan vs. Iran; statements being pushed repeatedly through the news media up to, and including, today.
  • Aug 01: Skirmishes between Israel and Hamas — Israel destroys the million-dollar training camp that was built by Iran in Gaza.
  • Aug 03: Geithner: unemployment is going to go up before it goes down.
  • Aug 03: Skirmish at the Lebanese-Israeli border. Iranian representative gets a private tour of the area the next day, even before the Lebanese president does. (
  • Aug 03: Double CME’s head towards earth. (
  • Aug 03: More drumbeats of war with Iran: (VIPS): “We write to alert you to the likelihood that Israel will attack Iran as early as this month.”
  • Aug 04: Assassination attempt on Ahmadinejad AND an explosion at their energy plant.
  • Aug 04: Al-Faraeen TV Owner Tawfiq Okasha Quotes Hitler: “Give Me the Weapons and Brains of Germany, along with the Soldiers of Egypt, and I Will Completely Rule the World”
  • Aug 04: Banks are starting to panic that as a result of collapsing trade volumes, profit target misses and massive layoffs are just around the corner. (
  • Aug 04: BP begins static kill operation to seal the Big Leak in the Gulf of Mexico.
  • Aug 05: Snowing in Brazil; Bolivian fish dying by the millions due to extreme cold weather. Glacier break the size of Manhattan off Petermann ice shelf. (
  • Aug 06: China getting very busy in boosting its gold reserves, expects USA to let inflation devalue its debt owed to China.
  • Aug 06: Goldman Sachs abandons the Happy Talk; lowers GDP forecast, sees growing unemployment.
  • Aug 06: Putin announces that Russia needs to keep all its wheat.
  • Aug 08: Iran takes charge of 4 new submarines for use in the Gulf.
  • Aug 08: Castro makes rare speech at Cuban Parliament to warn of impending war on Iran.
  • Aug 08: Torrential rain and flooding cause a deadly mudslide in Gansu, China.
  • Aug 08: Federal Reserve conferences held this week, expected to downgrade economic outlook.
  • Aug 09: Matt Simmons, outspoken critic of BP, dies in a hot tub of a heart attack.
  • Aug 09: Hundreds more wildfires afflicting Russia; state of emergency declared at Urals nuclear town.
  • Aug 09: Iranian Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has taken charge of the Lebanese border crisis. (
  • Aug 09: The Fed news everywhere reports no recovery in sight.

    One link of many:
    Another link:

  • Aug 10: Bernanke announcement of extending policy of “Quantitative Easing”, or, “QE2” as they like to call it. [Look it up in Wikipedia: a practice whereby banks create money ex nihilo, or “out of nothing.”]
  • Aug 10: Senator Ted Stevens killed; former NASA admin Sean O’Keefe critically injured in Alaska plane crash.
  • Aug 11: USS Truman posted opposite Hormuz as Iranian threats spiral. (
  • Aug. 11: Goldman Goes Goo-Goo For Gold: “Gold Market Poised For A Rally As US Real Rates Head Lower” [Due to their being a Bankster Supreme, I would keep an eye on anything that proceeds out of the mouth of the Goldman’s Sacks.] (
  • Aug 12: draws a scientific parallel between Bernanke’s Federal Reserve “QE2” announcement above – a financial quake – and literal seismic earthquakes.
  • Aug 12: Locust swarms in Madagascar threaten agriculture. (U.N. news)
  • Aug 12: “The Hindenburg Omen Has Arrived”; cyclical financial pattern that portends an imminent stock market crash. (
  • Aug 13: Earthquake swarms in the Mariana Islands and Azores Islands regions, up to magnitude 7.2, so far. Quakes continue.
  • Aug 13: Russia and Iran announce the Bushehr nuclear plant to receive first fuel Aug. 21.
  • Aug 13: Muslim state in Malaysia re-introduces gold and silver as currency; Quran invoked as support for new monetary policy. [Will other Muslim sovereignties abandon worthless fiat paper money too?]
  • Aug 14: John Bolton urges Israel to bomb Iran this coming week. (

In conclusion, I give you a news clip from Fox Business news posted this past week. This clip includes comments by Lew Rockwell and Ron Paul and is entitled “End the Fed, End the Wars, End the Empire”.

“If there was no Federal Reserve, there could not be an American empire, there could not be all these wars,” says Lew Rockwell

“It is an escalating mess,” adds Ron Paul. He goes on to opine that the Federal Reserve’s policies and actions are actually destroying the American dollar, not supporting it.


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  1. patty bianco says:

    Have you ever read any books by Clive Cussler? Polar Shift is an interesting one. They are all adventure action novels involving world changing technology related to natural disasters. Usually the initiators are megolomaniacs. The books are fictional, but somehow credible. I had collected nearly all of them, but gave them away due to the grisly violence practiced by the characters. I was fascinated by the way the author kept track of developing technology and then bumped it up to the stage where it was interesting enough that someone with enough money would use it for nefarious ends. One of the current “End of World” scenarios is that of an asteroid hitting the earth and causing a polar shift. Clive Cussler’s book Polar Shift shows technology used to accomplish this. Hmm.

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