The Nazis Want Their Gold Back

“That marker is going to come due someday and you’d better be able to pay up when they want it.” — Dr. Joseph P. Farrell

Book Babylon's Banksters by Joseph P. Farrell

Book Babylon's Banksters by Joseph P. Farrell

What follows below is a partial transcript of a one-hour audio show hosted by GeorgeAnn Hughes with guest and triumphant author, Joseph P. Farrell. Dr. Farrell has been writing a long-running series of non-fictional books about the deep relationship between Physics and Finance, and the global cartel that has controlled both during all of mankind’s history. His most recent book, Babylon’s Banksters, is neatly summarized in the full hour audio interview that can be heard here: Joseph P. Farrell at

Near the 12-minute marker of this audio file, Dr. Farrell succinctly explains the difference between a monetary system run by free people (like what America used to be before the European banking system re-conquered this nation when the Federal Reserve Act was passed in 1913) and a monetary system based on mathematically-impossible-to-repay Federal Reserve Notes that are accepted by a psychologically enslaved people (like how today’s America and any nation currently mired in a petrol-based economy are.)

However, the connection that few people make is that the control of Free Energy Physics and this Debt Slavery Financial system are both managed by the same people. Hitler’s Nazi party came very close to breaking out of that paradigm by developing two systems: an above-top-secret program that would harness the energy of space-time itself, and, a banking system whose currency circulation was based on debt-free state issued money, not debt-based currency such as would be borrowed from a Central Bank. Indeed, when the writing was on the wall of the Germans’ imminent loss of World War II, a plan went into effect by high-ranking members of the Nazi SS to preserve both of these assets: all the research and subsequent technology of their free-energy advances and the Nazi treasury. Both of these assets would be preserved until a future time.

It is the belief of many thinking people that this marker for the Nazi treasury is indeed being called in right now, in advance of these Nazi heirs-apparent making use of their other, even greater asset, free-energy technology. The attacks being made against the oil industry –whether it be in the Gulf of Mexico or by the looming war in the Middle East – may well be current evidence of a war being waged before our eyes between two opposing sides in the global elitist community. One side supports the “closed” systems of Physics and Finance, while the other side — that has grown out of a Nazi party who was never really subjugated but simply went underground in various other countries — leads the charge for the “open” system of Physics and Finance. And all of Earth’s population is caught in the middle.

Partial transcript below; my own personal thoughts and interpolations are written in [brackets]. The original audio file can be downloaded for free here. The host, GeorgeAnn Hughes, is a very gracious lady who runs her own web site and donations for her audio files are gladly accepted.

The standard rule of money is that only governments can issue money. Banks can only create and circulate debt. In other words, when a Bank like the Federal Reserve prints up a Federal Reserve Note, well, the reason why it’s called a note is precisely because it is an interest-bearing note. It’s a piece of paper that indicates that a loan has been made to the federal government and when a bank creates principal, it never creates the interest. So in other words, in the money supply of a country, you will have a certain amount of dollars [or whatever currency] in circulation if the private bank is circulating that money. Then that means there is never enough of that money in circulation, or even being created, that can pay off interest on that principal. So, you’re driven into a cycle of printing more money to pay off the interest, and so on and so forth, and eventually, [this cycle collapses the currency.]

[However,] when a State issues money, it is really issuing money on the receipts of that nation’s economy, and therefore the money it is creating is real money because it represents something of real value, and is therefore an interest-free note [which is why it isn’t even usually referred to as a note, but rather, as a certificate, as were the Silver Certificates issued under JFK’s presidency, only months before he was assassinated, wink-wink, nudge-nudge.]

The first system –where you create monetized debt, or, the facsimile of money – is conceptually identical with the system [in physics] where you have a public consumption physics, where the energy supply is based upon an ever dwindling amount of resources and scarcity. In other words, both systems are effectively “closed” systems.

When Hitler took power … the first thing he did was to put Germany back onto the idea that money represented, not an interest-bearing note that had to be paid to the Bankers who circulated it in the first place, … he went to the idea of what was called Labor Treasury Certificates, which were denominated in Reichsmarks, but they were created by the Nazi state itself, and circulated as money at full face value, debt free. So the first thing he did was break out of that economic paradigm, where you have a dwindling supply of money that can never keep pace with the amount of interest owed on it.

And immediately … within a space of three to four years, Germany’s economy was booming. It was the only economy in the world that was booming.

But the other thing that the Nazi government did was … that it created departments within the SS to investigate the physics and technology to access the physics of the so-called free energy or zero-point energy or the energy of space-time or the energy of the physical vacuum [ether], because the physics already existed at that time that showed that there was an energy within empty space, that if you could just figure out a way to tap into it, that energy would give you a supply that would be literally inexhaustible and almost limitless.

So … Nazi Germany is the first nation-state to come along in modern times that understood … the connection between the two different types of financial systems on the one hand … [the debt-free “open” certificate money versus the interest-bearing “closed” bank notes] … and the two different types of energy supply on the other hand [the free ether energy of the “open” system versus the resource-depleting petroleum-based “closed” system controlled by powerful, global, corporate elites].

In other words, there is a deep, direct connection between physics and finance.

[Prince] Bernhard was an SS officer. For all intents and purposes he was still answerable to his superiors in the SS chain of command [in the post-WWII Nazi extra-territorial state], one of course would be Martin Bormann. He was also a senior manager at I.G. Farben. The original purpose of the Bilderberg group was to take all that Nazi loot, in terms of liquid cash and assets, that could be moved into western banks in London and New York and laundered. And then laundered back to Europe where that money, under the guise of the Marshall Plan and so on and so forth, would be moved back into Europe to re-create the infrastructure after WWII and to help build the European Union. Incidentally, that was one of Martin Bormann’s stated objectives for the Nazi party after the war.

Now the reason why this idea is so significant is that it means, to a certain extent, that all this money was put at the disposal of those western banks. In other words, it vastly expanded their ledger credit-making entry ability because they now had a huge reserve [with which to make loans and stimulate the global economy.] [and you can google the phrase “fractional reserve banking” to discover the long-running impish implications of such a huge Nazi financial reserve.]

But anytime that you are dealing with the likes of Nazis and Martin Bormann, you’re dealing with “Dick Cheney without the warmth and charm!” That marker is going to come due someday and you’d better be able to pay up when they want it. Because they’ve got the organization to take you out and they’ve been researching the technology to pull the trigger if you don’t want to pay up when the time comes.

Now the Bilderbergs have this twin philosophy: kind of a global socialism, i.e, private monopoly, banking control, over the issuance of monetized debt [fake money]. That’s the financial thing that they’re supporting. But the other thing that they are also supporting is that they intend to keep the world on a “closed” energy supply system of physics [non-renewable, politically nefarious, oil-based economies]. In other words, they do not want to see any real advances made in alternative technologies for energy. And that means that this group has to be active in the suppression of any technologies that would give various nations a relative degree of energy independence. The Financial System and the Energy System go hand in hand. They don’t call ‘em “petro dollars” for nothing.

Dr. Farrell’s book, Babylon’s Banksters, and this audio interview go into quite a bit of detail about the ancient relationships between research into Open energy systems and the control that such research would entail by an overlording class of Temple-Banksters.


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