Water Into Wine – Part I

“But the Pharisees went out and took counsel against him that they might destroy him.” — Matthew 12:14

A man appeared in the region of Israel during the first century A.D. This man repeatedly proved that he had the power to turn one type of matter into another type, to replicate food seemingly out of thin air, to control the weather, to heal the sick, to cure genetic deformities and even to bring back to life those who had been dead for an extended period of time. Beyond all those extraordinary feats, this man also instructed his listeners that a future government would be established that would permanently end all financial, political, and religious tyranny. So powerful were his orations that this man became customarily addressed by his disciples as “Teacher,” not as “Healer” nor “Wizard” as one might expect.

You might think that the neighbors of this man and witnesses of these events would treasure the presence of such a person. He might quickly be elevated to the status of that nation’s greatest asset. Surely no technological achievement would be out of reach of the community who was blessed to have such a man working on their behalf.

However, in the midst of this community there was indeed a group of men who felt very threatened by this man. And while this group made up only a minority of the population, they maintained full control and repression of the majority of the populace. Today we would use various labels to identify such a group. Call it what you will: the Elites, the Powers That Be, the Oligarchs, or the Banksters. In fact, these tyrants did succeed in putting this man to death by an order of execution gained from an illegal court trial. They did this even though this same man had previously demonstrated that he held no political aspirations. But this Bankster-Temple Class nevertheless could see why this man’s abilities could take away all of their power and wealth if they allowed him to live.

This series of articles, “Water into Wine,” will explore reasons for believing that an elite group of powerful men of the Temple Class did in fact view this man, Jesus Christ, as a menace to their power base in the first century. Evidence shall be presented to show that the Jewish High Priest and Sanhedrin of Jesus’ time held a dual role as both the religious leaders and the financial masters of that time period. Further, we will consider that such an elite group exists even today whose similar power base would likewise be threatened with extinction should this man choose to make another appearance on the world scene. In fact, near the end of our series, it will be seen that this oligarchic cabal is related to the first century Temple Class not only in ideology but also literally by blood genealogy. In fact, their family heritage stretches all the way back to ancient Babylon.

In our next blog, Part II, we shall consider research that shows how an alliance between temple priesthoods and an international money-changer fraternity was struck in early times – even to the point where coin money itself was minted, and its public flow controlled, right there in the temples used by kings of powerful empires.

(To bide your time before our next blog is posted, please ponder the question “Who rules the world?” You can find the answer in Chapter Three of the book “What Does the Bible Really Teach?” available for browsing in its entirety here, online, for free.)


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In case you're wondering, yes, there is a reason for what's going on. I am the host of the Bee in Eden radio show and one of the team writers at RogueMoney.net. We discuss the inextricable links between modern credit and money with ancient religious systems.
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